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We have over 80 different strains and the lowest prices anywhere! Plus, you get FREE SEEDS with every order! We accept cash, check, money order, Venmo, Google Pay, Cash App, and Bitcoin. WE HAVE A NEW ADDRESS!


We specialize in REGULAR SEEDS, and all of our seeds are regular (not feminized) unless they are labeled FEMINIZED (All available fems are listed in the Feminized Seeds category). We are located in the U.S. so orders must be paid in USD. In the event of a web site malfunction, we reserve the right to refuse any unreasonable orders. If you have any problems, suggestions or comments please let us know! Thanks again for all your support!


SHOCK TRAUMA F3 is on sale for only $2 each!

New420Guy Seeds 2019 calendars are now on sale for only $7.99!

Check our Facebook page for frequent contests and prize give-aways (link at top of screen)!

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  1. I placed an order yesterday and looking back on that on my address the street name is spelled wrong my order number is 523 9 the street name is spelled sermon Road on my order it supposed to be spelled e r m o n

  2. I don’t think there be a problem receiving my order as I have gotten stuff with the incorrect Spelling before but if you would make a note of it and change that on my account thank you so much looking forward to doing business with you again

  3. I’ve placed an order last night on ut other website, but when I checked it, it said there’s a hold on my order. Please help me I’m an amputee who also broke my neck. I’m just wanting to grow my own medicine. I can’t take opiates anymore. Thank you. J

  4. I have ordered from this best and fair price, for his bean’s , The guy has done everything to make it easy for peeps in need. I was there when server went down, he made it more than right. I use cashapp, never had a problem, so easy bank to bank, and paypal, covers your purchase, so the guy is bending over backwards to get em out super fast. and freebee’s all in all you can go to Barneys or supreme or i love growing mmj, check price’s so not being able to use card is better for both parties, Rock on! your the Best!!! in the WEST!!! check others out Captain Redbeard is another 1% guy makes it right and more his Thorsberry is a work of art, can not wait for The new Genetics’s 420 comes up with. I would never go anywhere else.

  5. If you look at all the seed salesmen out there, trying to rake in ridicules amounts of $ for seeds, There are some sites that want 50 to 60 dollars a seed, its not Gold! But The new 420 seed guy , changed that!All that Best strains , for a fair price, I have never had 1 problem with orders , or the quality, if you feel the urge to buy from the Super wal-mart of seeds, Look no further you have arrived at the right place, where he puts his passion in his work, it shows, I have a Headwreck, and have never seen fan leaves grow larger then a NFL players hand.. I have never had 1 problem, and on the up side, he is not greedy, he throws in freebie’s like no one else. He may be the new guy, but in reality he is the Right guy! And the only guy for my Garden. Plus the fact the man is a genusis, anyone who attends MIT, A collage for the Best of the Best! when I think of 420 guy, i Think of Bose Quality! Just want to say Thank you, and I have read a lot of forums , where they get took, Not here, Fast discreet shipping, and you get your moneys worth and some. .

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